Sunday, 4 March 2018

My top 5 // Max Factor

Hello darlings

Today post is the start of a new little series on Perfect Fixations, my top 5 products within a brand. I've done similar posts before but i focused on specific products e.g. my top 3 foundations etc... but this series will focus on a whole brand. I just thought it would be fun and give me a chance to tell you guys what i think of different brands, which ones i think do a good range of products which ones are limited etc, i hope you enjoy!

Today's top 5 are from Max Factor, this is a more high end range from the drugstore, that is sold in Boots and Superdrug. 'It was founded in 1909 as Max Factor & Company by Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a beautician from Poland.[1] In its early days, it specialized in movie make-up'. I have tried quite a few products from Max Factor over the years and a few of my staple items come from them so it seemed fitting that my first top 5 came from them. Although these are my top 5 i thought i'd do it counting down to my favourite product. 
5. Smooth Miracle Primer (£10.99)
If i'm honest i'm rather lazy when it comes to primer, i find a moisturizer does the same job, but i keep buying them, how else does that? Its something new and shinny and although i might not use it i need it! Luckily with this primer i tried it and loved it! Its leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and a good even base to apply my foundation. Its great for my combination- dry skin.

This was one of the first grown up mascaras i purchased and it was my holy grail for years. I re-discovered it a couple of weeks back when i bought it on Amazon for about £3 and thought it was was too good of a price not to. And it lived up to expectations, its a nice simple wand which isn't too big or too thin. It gives lift and volume, it doesn't curl or or at least it doesn't on my very straight eyelashes. But for my everyday use it great! 

I love this foundation, i've been using it for a good few months now. The colour isn't 100% perfect, its a tad too pink but after blending and bronzing its perfect. Its great cover, easy to blend, long lasting. One pump does my whole face. Its a handy product as its 3 in 1, it does the job of a primer, foundation and concealer. I do however still have to add a little more concealer on top as its not full coverage for my dark circles, but then again not everyone has a 1 year old who still doesn't sleep through the night!   

I've had this lipstick for a long time, longer than i will admit and i should probably have thrown it out by now but shh its a secret between me and you. This is one of the elixir collection, i have the shade Rosewood which is a beautiful mauve-nude, prefect for the colder months. It not matte, its very creamy and moisturizing. Its designed to moisturize your lips, so perfect fro eye day wear. But i find it just as long lasting as a matte lipstick, so you get moisturizes lips and longevity, whats not to love.

1. Brow Sharper in Brown (£7.99) 
Out of all the product here this is number one, i LOVE this brow pencil. My favouite use to be the Seventeen Brown Pencil which i still love but now i've tried this Max Factor one nothing compares. Its a very fine pencil which means i get a precise brow, i can create a good shape. Its not too waxy or pigmented so i can't go over board. Long lasting, smudge prove, its exactly what i'm looking for. Great comb on the end too! 

I'd like to know have you tried any Max Factor products? If so whats your favourite? Or what should i try next?

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  1. Love these kind of posts! The lipstick color is so cool xxx

  2. I haven't tried anything from Max Factor in ages! I love the sound of the mascara x