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My Top 5 // e.l.f // underrated products

Hello darlings.

Today is my next installment of my top 5, this time my brand focus is e.l.f, more specifically products that i feel are a little underrated. Or at least i don't read or hear people mention them very often. I have to be honest e.l.f can be quite hit and miss, by that i mean i could buy a eye shadow and you buy the same one an yet they are completely different quality, which sucks. But when you you get a good one, its a real gem and luckily these are!
I'm really fussy when it comes to brow products, i find it really hard to get what i want. My current favourites are the Max Factor brow shaper pencil and the Seventeen brow pencil. I remember buying this last year, i bought it because it was super cheap and the colour was a good match. I was so impressed, its very pigmented, not the best for a natural brow look unless you have the time to sit down and spend time to go gentle, but can be achieved. But for evenings or people with already dark brows its brilliant! Super easy application, nice tip, its just a lovely product. 

I have always loved e.l.f's lipsticks, they are great quality, great value for money and they have a good colour range. This is my latest lipstick i have purchase from e.l.f, its in the shade blushing brown i was a little nervous that it would be too brown but its not its a reddish brown and its really beautiful. Its not matte, but really creamy with a nice finish. Its doesn't apply patchy and lasts a decent amount of time. 

This primer i have heard quite a few bloggers/youtubers mention, i've used it for years i love it and its so cheap! It makes my application of eye shadow go on smooth and not at all patchy. It really makes it last all day, its a real bargain! Its available in lots of different shades but i have the shade sheer. 

It took me the longest time to find this eye shadow quad, i've seen quite a few American bloggers talk about this in their favourites and get ready with mes but i can never find them in England. Until one day i did and i bought it there and then! I really like it, its so cute and handy to take with me on the go. Pigment is good its perfect for an everyday look without being too much. 

Cream Eye Shadow: (sorry no link, i believe its discounted)
Lastly this is one of my everyday favourites at the moment, i'm not normally a fan of creme eye shadow, i find its messy and it creases and every time i got use one i just can't be bothered. But i am so glad i tried this one. Its so quick and easy, i'm a total convert! I'm not sure what shade this is (the name has worn off) its a beautiful rose brown. Its quick and easy, perfect mummy makeup. 
L to R, instant brow pencil in brown, lipstick in 'blushing brown', e.l.f eyelid primer in sheer, cream eye shadow pot, eye shadow quad in tantalizing taupe. 

I'd love to know what are some of your favourite e.l.f products?
Have you tried any of these? 


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