Sunday, 13 July 2014

'My most worn' tag.

I saw this tag a few days ago and thought I’d give it a go! So here are all the products/items i have been loving this month. 
My most worn...

Book: (Not really worn this but I thought I’d put it in as well.) 'Elizabeth' By J.Randy Tararorrelli, such an amazing book about one of my idols, the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. I love J.R Taraborrelli books, and have read many of his books including his book on Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. I highly recommend them!

Hair product: Batiste dry shampoo. I literally rely on this stuff! Its the best dry shampoo i have ever tried.

Makeup item: The Urban Decay basics palette. I bought this last month and have used no other eye-shadows. Its perfect for everyday looks, basic, matte, natural and smoky eyes. Also they are really pigmented and stay on for a really long time.

Nail varnish: Barry M nail polish in shade 1A Red wine. My all time favourite shade, i love how its a deep red but not a bright colour. Its classic and classy. 

Here are my nails at the moment, i am wearing the red wine shade and 47 Black in Barry M. 

Perfume: Chanel No5. This is the perfume i wear daily, i've had this 100ml bottle for coming up to three years and i'm never bored of it. But i'm soon gonna run out of and must repurchase! Or if someone loves me they can buy it for me *flutters eyelashes*

Skin care: Superdrug's own brand hot cleanser. Its perfect for taking my makeup off with and leaves my skin super soft, healthy and clean.

Item of clothing: My blue stripped dress from Primark. I love the colour and the style and think it is perfect for summer.

Shoes: Black heeled boots from New Look. They are comfortable and practical. 


Earrings: Square gold hoops from Primark, matches all my outfits, light weight and good value for money. 

Necklace: Audrey Hepburn watch/necklace. This was given to me as a gift from a friend. Its cute and light weight and Audrey matched all my outfits.

Ring: Gold rings from Primark. Again good value and matches all my outfits and all my nail polishes. 

So that all, i hope you enjoyed reading it, feel feel to do the tag yourself. 
Have a lovely day/evening
JB xx

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