Tuesday, 12 May 2015

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Exfoliator Review | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings

Its been a while since i did one of my quick fire review so here is a new one! This one is a skin care product. Looking after my skin is something i've been a little lazy with lately so i'm trying my best to stay on top of it!
I hope you enjoy :)
What it claims:
L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Exfoliator, a radiance revealing face scrub for all skin types. Infused with micro-beads, removes makeup and impurities to reveal a better skin texture, skin feels instantly smooth, refined and perfectly cleansed. No soap.

As always i'll start with packaging, its nice, nothing fancy but not cheap looking. But when you open it up it has the most wonderful peachy smell. When you pour it on you hand, it has a nice texture, very small grains, not too rough when you rub them in. After using it for a couple of weeks, it hasn't dried my skin out, which i find can be a problem with exfoliators. It doesn't sting or make my eyes sore or make my skin sensitive. I don't feel there is a dramatic difference in my skin, it left my skin smooth and cleansed, but nothing miraculous. Overall i really like it, the smell and the texture are brilliant.

Its not too expensive, you get 150 ml for £4.49 (You can purchase it here) (Currently on sale in Boots at the moment £2.99!) 

I'd love to know have you tried this product? What are you thoughts?
What is your favourite exfoliator? 


  1. I use the simple exfoliator but I can't see any changes. I might try this one! x

    La Petite Mademoiselle , a blog by Lisa Santos

  2. I love that it smells like peach, I want to try this but I have so many products like it I need to use up first haha.


    1. The smell is lovely :) To be honest so do i, i'm quite bad at finishing products.

  3. Need to try this :) x


  4. I love a face scrub and am a huge fan of L'Oreal products so will need to give this ago. Need to find a cheaper alternative to my Vasanti face wash I have been loving (£26!!)


    1. I hope you like it, it would definitely be cheaper!

  5. I think you may have made me realise a problem i have with my skin! For a while my forehead has become dry and i reckon its due to the exfoliator I've been using! Thank you for this post, need to check this out for sure xx

  6. I need an affordable face wash that will help with my acne...thanks for the review!!

    xx aubsmeetsblog.blogspot.com

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