Thursday, 4 February 2016

A Month In Pictures: January 2016

Hello darlings

I'm starting a new series on Perfect Fixations, i'm calling it a month in pictures. I'm documenting what i get up to with my friends and loved one throughout my each month. If anything it is a way for me to look by at my month way in the future and remember what happened and also a way of keeping all my pictures. Also its a way of making my blog more personal and letting you guys get to know me better.  Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (PerfectFixation) to see where i post my pictures :)

January 1st:
New Year: This year i spent it with my boyfriend Will and his family. Unfortunately i spent the night throwing up, great way to start 2016 and i didn't even touch any alcohol! Other than that i really enjoyed it. 
I was kindly invited to join their family tradition of a New Years walk :)  
January: 4th My cats Sooty and Maximilian were haling me in the kitchen, more likely just wanting more food!
January 10th: Myself and Will have a little tradition, every Sunday he meets me after work and we have our date night. So over the next year you'll see a lot of food posts! We don't always go somewhere fancy, sometimes its just movie and take away food, or hang out in Costa until closing time! But we make the effort to see each other and spend time together, its our little thing <3 This time were went for something a little fancy, we had a gorgeous meal at Carluccio's. (We did get a little tipsy on a bottle a wine i must admit hehe)
January 11th: The cheeky little selfie before University.  I liked my hair and makeup in this picture.
January 16th: Good catch up with a couple of my best friends, Claire and Sapphire. We always go on road trips to IKEA or to the beach. We might go for a jog or even make some funny YouTube videos! Then as always we stop off to have a pub lunch! 
January 24th: Another date night this time we went to Wagamamas! But first Costa taking selfies and eating lots of cake! 
Doesn't he look cute in a shirt and tie?!
January 25th: Another cheeky selfie.
January 29th: Can't believe will still has his Christmas Tree up!! And yes he keeps his helmet at the top where the star should be! 

I'd love to know what exciting things have you guys been up to so far in 2016?
Do you like this series? Would you like me to continue it?

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  1. These were really lovely photo's to look at, it's nice you'll have these memories to look back on one day! I need to go out for a nice meal soon, Nando's is calling me!

    Meme x