Monday, 4 July 2016

L'Oreal Cleansing Oil REVIEW

Hello darlings

Today post is a review of the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Facial Cleaning Oil. I've recently been obsessed with oils for my hair and skin. I have dry skin so oils are amazing for that, but saying that oils are also very good if you have oily skin as it will help control it. I haven't tried many skincare products from Lo'real only the Exfoliating scrub which i really liked. This was on offer a month or so ago so i thought it would be the perfect time to try it. 
I'll start off with the packaging, its nice as with all L'Oreal product the packaging is always appealing. I feel that L'Oreal products are always targeted at an older audience who would have a little bit more money to spend on skincare products. The product has a nice sent, its quite strong which people may not like but i really like it, i can't quite describe it, its one of those things that you'd have to try yourself.  
When using it i find you only need a couple of pumps, a little goes a long way! Its very runny so i find you have to use it quite quickly.  It is a really good product, it removes my makeup really well, although that's not the main purpose i use it for. I use Micellar water to take my makeup off and then cleanse my face with this afterwards. Although i don't usually use it to take my makeup off i have tested it a few times, i don't find it irritates my eyes or leave my face feeling tight or puffy. Instead it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh. Also leaves my skin very soft, i'm tempted to use it on the rest of my body! After you wash it off it leaves no residue. Its gentle and effective, really good for my dry skin. 
The only cons is it is quite messy, as i mentioned its very liquidity. The other problem is i'm use to micellar waters that you don't have to wash off so i can remove my makeup in bed before i go to sleep whereas with this product i have to be near a sink, but that just me, i know that won't be a problem for most people. 

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  1. Okay so as a fully fledged pioneer of beautiful packaging...this is speaking to me! Gold packaging makes me think it's going to make my face gold too, so that's always good. I've seen this in Boots too but never thought to buy it as I thought I had my cleansing routine on lockdown already, but following your review - I may just give it a whirl!

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

    1. I feel the same way with the packaging! Thank you :)