Thursday, 4 August 2016

KIKO Natural GREEN Concealer Review

Hello darlings

I've always wondered about green concealers, do they really work? Or are they just another makeup fad that is only popular because of Instagram? Nonetheless i thought i'd bite the bullet and try it, otherwise i'd never know. They sound like a really good idea especially for people with problem skin. I was in KIKO with my friend Evie and i saw they did green concealers so i picked one up. They were £5.50 and i thought that was a good price to try one. 
You only get 3.8 ml of product which isn't a lot, its quite a tiny bottle for the price. But i guess its intended that you don't need to use a lot, but as someone who as a lots of acne scars and redness i need to use a lot of it so this won't last me very long. Other that the ml, the packaging is sleek and gorgeous like all of KIKO's makeup. The wand had a matte handle which i rather love.
The product doesn't provide a huge amount of coverage, it does reduce redness but doesn't completely neutralise it. So i still have to apply the same amount of my normal concealer on top that i would without this product underneath. It blends nicely but i wouldn't build it up as it turns quite green and shows underneath concealer. Also i wouldn't build it up as it tends to look cakey. 
I'm torn on this product, i'm happy i picked it up but i wouldn't repurchased it. I might try another green concealer but as of today i'm not a fan. I really wanted this to work so i am disappointed it would have been a great product for me.

I'd love to know have you tried this concealer?
Would you recommend any other ones for me to try? 

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  1. Shame you're not 100% on it, I always find Kiko to be a bit hit and miss with me.. but overall a good brand :)
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