Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Pregnancy Diaries #2 Gender Reveal: 23weeks

Hello darlings

I wasn't intending to wait till now to reveal the gender of my unborn baby as i had my gender scan three weeks ago! But we are happy to announce that its a boy! It was so funny at the scan, we wanted to know gender but we were aware that its not always possible to see, depending on the way the baby is laying etc. But within 20 seconds of her putting the scanner on my tummy she was like 'you guys wanna know gender? because i've just seen it!' haha! 
Body changing: 
  • I'm definitely getting larger, i've put on about 6kgs in the first 23 weeks, which i'm happy with as i know it could have been a lot more. 
  • No more morning sickness, can i get a hooray! 
  • Hormones not too bad a the moment, but i am easily irritated so we'll see how that goes.  
  • TIREDNESS omg the struggle is real, i'm finding sleeping very hard and doing daily activities has become a challenge. 

  • Mint, the amount of polos, soft mints, chewing gum, even toothpaste each day is shocking!
  • Also cleaning products, but don't worry i'm not eating them! But man they smell good, i went and bought Detol hand soap, i figured if i can't eat it i would bathe in it. 

  • Junior is one strong boy, i feel him all day everyday. He especially reacts to sounds and car movements. Last week Will was finally able to feel a kick from the outside!
Hopefully i wont go so long between up dates for my next pregnancy diary entry! 

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