Thursday, 24 November 2016

Budget Beauty Haul: #1 Fragrance Direct

Hello darlings

Recently i've been a little obsessed with online shopping but as Christmas is coming up and i've got a baby on the way i know i need to save the pennies! Similar to lots of people at the moment so i've been trying to find great deals online and save myself a little but of cash. So i'm going to add to my little bargain series and include hauls to it as well and places/websites to get great deals! 

The first one is Fragrance Direct, i'd heard of this website a couple times as Miss Budget Beauty mentioned it is the site where she gets her Essie Nail polishes from so i finally decided to check it out and i found so really good items. 
I'd been wanting to try some products from Charles Worthington for a while but they always seemed so expensive and i didn't want to part with the money. And when i finally did some of the products i wanted weren't stocked in Boots anymore.  I picked up: 
Charles Worthington Shine Booster Conditioner // £2.99
Charles Worthington Split End Blinder // £2.99
Charles Worthington Heat Defense Spray // 99p 
As mentioned previously Miss Budget Beauty said this is where she got a few of her Essie Polishes from. I love Essie Nail polishes and when i saw they had them for £2.99 i knew i had to grab a couple!
Essie Nail Polish in Thigh High //£2.99
Essie Nail polish in Tying the Knoite // £2.99
L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in 205 // 99p
I also picked up a couple of makeup items too. I'm a big fan of winged liner so i stocked up and there was a blusher and concealer that caught my eye too. 
Max Factor Concealer in Fair (Only note its not fair! Its quite dark) // £3.95
Maybelline Master Liner // £1.99
BC Cosmetics Blusher Quad // 99p
Bourjois Felt Liner // £2.99
I'm always in need of more brushes (i terribly lazy at washing them so i just keep buying cleans ones, but shhh!) So i picked up this Technic Blending Brush // £1.99

Here is the website link

I'd love to know have you ordered from fragrance direct before?
What real bargains have you got lately?

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  1. Essie nail varnishes for £2.99! Wow! What an amazing price x

  2. I love Essie nail polishes! Thigh High is perfect for winter x