Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The 7 day slimfast challenge // conclusion

Hello darlings

Today is the conclusion to my 7 day Slimfast challenge. Heres part one if you missed it!. I started this challenge last Monday (14th May) and finished this Monday and i have to say i'm pleasantly surprised. 
The kits comes with a strawberry shake, 2 chocolate meal replacement bars, 3 sour cream and chive pretzels, 4 cheddar cheese bits, 4 caramel bars and 3 chocolate bars. 

( I apologize for my chubby toes) 
My starting weight was 61kg (9st 6lb or 134lbs)
After one week my weight was 59.9kg (9st 4lbs or 132lb) so after 1 week i lost a little over 2kgs, which i'm pretty happy with. If i'm honest i wasn't expecting to loose anything, i thought you can't loose much in one week on its own so i'm really happy, thats a healthy amount to loose. Its not a crash diet where you loose loads and put it straight back on the next week the minute you stop,
I'm not gonna lie i didn't stick to the plan 100%, i tried and i did eat pretty healthy for nearly the whole week but i did have a cheeky Chinese on the Friday night but thats a good thing! I'l tell you why because i still lost weight and had a little treat, a win win. I also didn't stick to the meal plan as most of the evening meals were meat so i made my own vegetarian versions. I also didn't snack as often as it told me some were 3/4 times a day which was a little too much for me, i don't normally eat that many times. But it means i have snacks left over after the week and about half the tub of protein shake as well which is brilliant so i can continue to eat them next week too. 

Overall i think it was a good diet i liked that it encourage you to snack and still loose weight as to live a healthier lifestyle. I did loose a couple pounds which i wasn't expecting in a week! Its made me closer to my goal weight which is always good. I'm not sure i'm gig to stick to it as it not the cheapest diet but i will definitely be buying their snacks as i really enjoy them, and i'm not gonna lie these chocolate meal replacement bars are very filing!

I'd love to know have you tried this challenge or any of the Slimfast products?


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