Monday, 11 June 2018

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment // Review

Hello darlings. 

Today post wasn't the post i'd planned i was going to do an updated skin care routine as i've changed things up a little since last time but my camera broke! Can anyone recommend me a good camera? Let me know down in the comments 

So today's post is instead my review on the Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment. I've tried a few things from Revolution Pro and i've been really impressed, i know that some of their line has had mixed reviews and that they are not as good as their regular Makeup Revolution but sofari haven't been disappointed. 
Packaging and price:
I like the packaging i think i really nice, its black and sleek with the colour of the pigment on the side which is really handy, so if you purchase more than one when you line them up on your vanity or in your draw you can see each colour. Price is £4 which is amazing for a liquid lipstick.

I found it really hard to tell the shade colours online and as i don't have a a Revolution pro stand near where i live. I googled and looked Pinterest for swatches but could hardly find any! But from the few swatches i saw there was a couple that i liked the look of. So i purchase a few items online a week ago and i choose the shade 'Elevation'. I'm pleased with the colour i choose, it is a little more purple that i was expecting, but still beautiful all the same! I think its more suited for Autumn than summer so its nice to add to my collection. 
It has a nice shaped application, more of a rectangle, (i wish i took a pic but again with my camera situation, when i get a new one i'll update this post but i really wanted to get a post up for you guys today!) So it is a little awkward to apply to the lips. I do advise putting a lip liner on first as it quite hard with this shape applicator to get it neat around the edges of your lips. 

When applied it does take a while to dry down its quite sticky at first. But my goodness is it comfortable! I wasn't expecting this, i normally find liquid lipsticks quite annoying and uncomfortable on the lips and can only wear them for a little while. I tried to read reviews of this product before buying but i couldn't find a huge amount for i wasn't sure what the texture would be like, but i am really happy with it. 

The colour stayed on my lips for a good few hours, it didn't transfer on to mugs when drinking. It also wore away nicely when i ate. 

You can purchase them here

Overall i'm really happy i purchased this, I'd love to know have you tried any of these Supreme Matte Pigments?


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  1. Love that color! It looks so good xxx