Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Current Wishlist: Autumn 2015 I Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings.

I'm sorry its been a while, i've nearly finished my summer course and i've just come back from my holiday to Turkey, which was amazing and i will be doing a post all about that soon! :) Now on to today's post, its my current wishlist, i've never done one of these before, and i have been a a bit of a makeup hiatus recently, so there are a few new items i want!
I hoe you enjoy :)

Dolce and Gabbana 'The One'
(Picture Source and where you can purchase) 
I smelt this fragrance when i was in Debenhams a while back and its still on my mind, its a gorgeous scent and i'm hoping if i hint at it for a while i might get it for my Birthday (which is in November) so fingers crossed!

Kate Moss Nude Lipstick '45'

(Picture source and where you can purchase)
When i saw Kate Moss had realised a nude lipstick collection i knew i had to have a look, as nudes are so simple to wear on a daily basis, the only one that stood out was number 45, the others are too pale for me and would give me the dead lips look, which i don't really want. This one is a lovely deep pink-nude that i think is very flattering.  

MUA Bronze and Sculpt in 'Light'
(Picture source and where you can purchase)
I've not really been in contouring and have never been very good at it but i have decided that will change, and one sculpting kit i really want to try is the MUA Luxe one, this is only £5 and i've heard nothing but good things about it!

MAC Lipstick in 'Brave'
 (Picture source and where you can purchase) 
I always wanted to try MAC's Velvet Teddy but after i tried it in store i realised it didn't suit me and i realise it doesn't suit a lot of people, but brave i tried and really like and regret now buying it there and then.

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 'Blush Brush'
(Picture source and where you can purchase) 
These brushes are the most beautiful brushes i have ever seen, i especially like the blush brush, the colour and the texture are amazing and i really want the all but for now i'll settle for the blush one! 

Black Ripped Skinny Jeans 
(Picture source and where to buy it)

Lastly i've been looking for a good pair of ripped black skinny jeans for the longest time, i'm short and have quite big hips so buying jeans for me isn't the easiest. I spotted this on the New Look website and they are exactly what i am looking for, they are ripped but not too much and they look a nice shape, so hopefully i can find them in store so i can try them. 

So that my current wishlist, i'd love to know what is on yours? What items have you had your eye on? 



  1. I also really want to try one of the Bold Metals real techniques brushes. They are just so soft and the rose gold is beautiful.