Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My Current Obsession: Highlighting

Hello darlings.

I'm so sorry i haven't posted in a while, life has been pretty hectic recently. I've had so many Uni work submission dates, lots of extra hours at work (but yay more money!) plus i went on holiday with my family and boyfriend to Scotland last week which was lovely. Anyway back to today's post! I have to admit recently i've become a little obsessed with highlighters. They have completely changed my life and i can't go without applying a little glow to the tops of my checks! I have chosen my top four for today.s post, otherwise it would be a extremely long post and we'd been hear for hours. I hope you enjoy :) 
This was the first highlighting product that i purchased and i have to admit it is my favourite that i own (Sshhh don't tell the others). The texture is buttery soft and incredibly smooth. It applies and blends like a dream. The product is well pigmented. There are three shades, the first one is subtle, the next one is quite glittery and the last one is very golden. My favoruite would be the first, to me its the most wearable, you can even get away with wearing it all over the face to give you a glow. The second i wear int he evening as more a statement abut unfortunately the golden one doesn't really suite my skin tone. The only down side for me is the packaging, although it is sleek and sexy it is quite large in size so not the best for travel. It is similar to their palettes so its hard to tell them apart. 
At first i bought this for the contour side, i really wanted to get into 'sculpting' my face but it never really worked out for me and i've given up a little with the whole contouring thing. This isn't down to this product its due to my skills, of lack of! The contouring shade is nice, it isn't too orange and its easy to blend to give a natural look if applied lightly. But i found i fell in love with the highlighting side, so money not wasted! Its pigmented, its a gorgeous champagne shade that is the most beautiful. The product is really easy to blend, not as creamy as the previous product but still gorgeous all the same. 
This is a new purchase for me, i only bought this product about a month ago and i'm really enjoying it. It is definitely a speedy product, as the name suggests, very good if you are in a rush! It literally only takes just one swipe on the tops of your cheeks and its done! The stick is a good size, its no to big which was one of the things i was a little worried about. This is the only cream highlighter i own, i don't know many companies that make a cream highlighters (apart from the new L'Oreal one) but this one has really impressed me. Again a champagne colour that is not too shimmery. It has nice packaging, its nothing fancy but it does the job.
Lastly I wont say too much about this blush as i wrote a whole review on it a few weeks back. (link) This is very glittery product and that is the main reason i don't use it as a blush that its intended for but makes a beautiful highlighter if you apply it subtlety. Its very pigmented in a glittery way more than a colour pay off. The product similar to the first makeup revolution product i mentioned has three colours a gold, peach, silvery colour. The silvery one is the part i use the most just to add a little something to the high points of my face. 

I'd love to know have you caught the highlighting bug?
What are some of your favourite highlighters?

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  1. I love sleek, I need to have a good splurge in superdrug sometime soon!

    Meme xx

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    1. I love sleek too :) And a splurge on makeup is always a good idea! :D