Thursday, 18 August 2016

My current Skin Care Routine // Summer

Hello darlings.

I haven't written an updated skin care in the longest time. I have tried and love a lot of new products since my last post and i'm excited to share my new routine with you! 
I'll start off with the first step my skin care routine, it is to first take of my makeup. I gave up with using wipes years ago i only use them when i'm travelling or i'm ill or feeling lazy, you know how it goes. I've been a long standing fan of Micellar water an i've tried a few over the years and the one i always go back to is the Garnier one. Its perfect, it dissolves makeup like a dream, no need to rinse and there's no smell or taste to it.  

Next up washing my face, an important part! I have suffered with problem skin for quite some time, if you are a regular reader you've heard me say it a million times. One thing that was helping my skin was the contraceptive pill but now i'm pregnant (previous post) i am no longer taking it so my bad skin has come back. So deep action products like this one are really helping my skin. Plus you can always use it as a mask too which is great. 

Similar to the previous product this one is aimed at problem skin. This exfoliator is gentle and lathers well. Its s very gentle exfoliator lots i've tried have been too harsh for my dry skin. I have always love Simple's products they are also so gentle on my skin and i think its a great product for teenagers and people with sensitive and spot prone skin. 

I review this products a couple months ago, it was my little splurge for finishing my dissertation and i have to say i'm so happy that i purchase it. With this product you do not need a lot, a pump or two goes a long way! The liquid drys fast, it isn't sticky or tacky so its perfect to apply first thing in the morning and to wear under makeup. It provides a smooth base and it is absorbed into the skin quickly. I haven't tried many serums so i don't have much to compare it to but i really like it.

Last of all eye cream. I've only just started using this product but i already love it. Its thick, creamy and rubs in beautifully. I don't think this product work miracles, it brightens eyes but i wouldn't say it helps with wrinkles if i'm honest. But as an everyday eye cream its pretty good! 

I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?
What products are part of your skin care routine? 
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  1. Garnier does some amazing Micellar Waters, I have recently tried the one with oil in it and it`s amazing!

    1. I'v been wanting to try that one! I'll have to look out for it when i'm next out shopping :)

  2. I love the Simple Exfoliator - I've tried so many different exfoliators but always go back to that one! x